Qurtaba City is an ongoing residential scheme among few others near Chakri Interchange on Motorway. This mega project is inspired by the ancient Qurtaba city.  Qurtaba, now called Cordoba, is an ancient city in Spain believed to be Knowledge Hub of its time. The foundation for the modern science laid in this city. Various medical schools, universities in Qurtaba produced the globally renowned scientist, Architects, Doctors & Scholars.

As the name suggests, this society aims to reflect the ancient city in its infrastructure while based on Islamic core values. It is providing up to the mark facilities & advance services. Its goal is to maintain magnificence & brilliance along with peaceful environment to its residents. It has inspirational outlook with easy access to the cities main centers. The developers have devoted the particular market zone of women. Men cannot operate the shops even not visit the particular zones.

Qurtaba City is a project of Madinatul-Ilm. This organization works with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. It is run by several scholars, entrepreneurs & leaders. This firm aims to explain Islam’s social values practically. The ASM Builders previously signed a contract with Madina-tul-Ilm Company. But that contract was terminated on August 13, 2018 as per official website. Further, it was notified that Madina-tul-ilm never had any direct contract with UK pillars

Owner & Developers

Qurtaba City Islamabad is a project of Madinatul-ILM. It is a no profit – no loss based company coordinated with securities and exchange commission of Pakistan. Many scholars, entrepreneurs, leaders are founding directors of the company. The Madinatul Ilm has inaugurated to explain the Islam’s social and societal values practically. When studied, Islamic teaching commands us to keep the globe a human place. To achieve the objective, Qurtaba City developers have built the fully independent city in the light of Islamic social values, equality, and brotherhood.

Project Plan

As per the master plan, the Qurtaba City Islamabad housing scheme divides the project land into zones. Each zone is equipped with all the modern facilities for a comfortable lifestyle. With the NOC/TMO/105, the project has completed its registration approving the construction work lawfully. The government has approved the only housing project on Chakri road where the other housing scheme is not entitled to construction. As per the payment plan, The Qurtaba City housing Scheme Islamabad offers 138, 272 & 500 Sq Yards Residential Plots to buy through cash or installment plan. The project plan of Qurtaba City involves the 300ft, 200ft, 100ft, and 40ft (minimum) wide roads. To ensures an uninterrupted supply of energy, the Underground electricity wiring work is on way. All other amenities such mosque, parks, school and hospital are also part of its planning. The entrance leads the visitor to every corner of the project land and it is 300 feet wide. The construction work in the Zone 1 of Qurtaba City is near to end. Each sector of the project has its own mosque but the planning of Jamia Mosque in Phase 1 is exceptionally well. The spacious mosque has the capacity to accepts a large number of Muslims gathering for the prayers.

Qurtaba City Location

The project address as per the location map of Qurtaba City Islamabad is in the midst of natural landscapes. It is half an hour drive away from Hassall and basal city traffic of Islamabad and located on the Motorway Chakri Interchange. The Fateh Jang and Dhamial Road are passing nearby the landmark project. Also, the construction of new Islamabad International Airport will make the housing scheme more prime.

Location is surrounded by splendid valleys of potohar. The River Sill flowing inside the area divides the project land beside the running spring all around comes from it.

Qurtaba International University

For the educational purpose, Qurtaba International University has no comparison at all. It is located in the heart of zone 1 and spreads overs 750 Kanal of huge land. The University breeding the intelligent and skilled students is the center of religious and modern studies. The blocks of Qurtaba International University are serving in form of departments of each educational subject even facilitating for research. Moreover, the entire housing projects accompany the complete network of colleges and school.

Jamia Masjid Qurtaba

A Grand Jamia Masjid is a part of Qurtaba City with beautifully designed architecture and exceptional artwork demonstrating the ideology of Islam. Although there are mosques planned in every block of the society, this Grand Jamia Mosque is planning to be built with unique concept, modern design, and edge-cutting technology. The religious facility will feature beautiful tiled walls, marble floors, and iconic craftsmanship.

The total of the area this grand mosque will cover 190 Kanals which is 80,000 Sq. meters. The mosque will be equipped with the necessary lavish facilities for the people. The location of Mosque in the project has decided such that spectacular hills of Potohar circle it, and there is rich green, scenic natural views all around. The Mosque will play an integral part in the popularity of this society as it will be a major Islamic landmark not just in Islamabad but all over Pakistan.

Commercial Zone

The developers have involved the commercial and sector markets in the master plan of Qurtaba City Islamabad. Developing work of the huge shopping center will take place in the surrounding areas of the University. The developers have devoted the particular market zone of women. The males cannot operate the shops even not visit the particular zones. The latest pictures of construction site show some houses taking place on the land of Qurtaba City Rawalpindi.

Planning of the housing society also involves lush green vast parks ranging from 10 to 100 Kanal. The huge parking space available in every commercial area ensures smooth driving on the roads. The spacious community center in the project is positioning in zone one around the Qurtaba international University and Jamia Masjid. Thus, Pakistan’s best residential and educational project brings forth and demonstrates the fundamental rules of Islamic brotherhood.

Urbanscape Contribution in QURTABA CITY

Salient Attributes and Amenities of QURTABA CITY

The payment Plan of QURTABA CITY