Pak Arab Housing Society


Pak Arab Housing Society Lahore (PAHS) is an LDA-approved housing scheme located at Ferozepur Road and Defense Road near Lahore Race Club and developing by Pak Arab Developers, a part of WAK Group. The society was envisioned to be an affordable residential society in Lahore.

PAHS is mainly designed to offer a low-cost shelter to people in need. WAK group has played an essential role in bringing the master plan of society into reality. The Pak-Arab housing society has become a true image of a model housing scheme in the 21st century.

Owner & Developers

WAKGROUP launched its journey of significant success in the 1960s with a new launch of its first housing society named “Lahore Cantonment Co-operative Housing Society,” now known as DHA Phase-I. The group then entered the Oil and Gas business in the 1980s.

Pak Arab developers have made their name in the real estate industry with dedication and commitment to their hard work and world-class infrastructure development.

Pak Arab housing society Location

The location of Pak Arab housing society is situated at Ferozepur Road & Defense Road near Lahore Race Club.

The owners have set the location so that all the significant locations of Lahore lie close to the city, making it almost a center point of the city.

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